Credit Insurance – Debtor Insurance – Credit Risk Management Services.

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In times of economic uncertainty, in order to trade confidently and successfully, you need to know that your customers can and will pay. Credit Insurance, often referred to as Bad Debt Insurance, protects your company against bad debts. It also helps to improve cash flow, increase profitability and facilitate sustainable business growth.

Every year, thousands of businesses become insolvent or cease to trade due to financial difficulties in an ever increasingly competitive and tough market. Credit Insurance is designed with you, the creditor in mind to ensure that you don’t fall victim to one of the thousands of businesses that will fail this year.

Credit Insurance is not just about replacement of cash after a loss, but also the reference point before trading with new customers. Credit Insurance can also act as a useful tool when searching for business finance solutions.

Will your customers warn you about their cashflow problems?

The current economic climate has resulted in thousands of firms collapsing, leaving a trail of unpaid debts. It continues to happens across all industry sectors and to firms of all sizes, and it often comes without warning.

Credit Insurance - Debtor Insurance – Credit Risk Management Services.

Your customer won’t want to give you advance warning that they’re having financial problems. Because if they did, you and their other suppliers would withdraw credit straight away.

Quite rightly, you’d want to minimise your exposure, but it would only make the situation worse for them.

Just like any other policy, credit insurance offers you protection against a disaster that could strike without warning.

Even if you pay the premiums and never have to make a claim, you’re still buying peace of mind, which can be a huge asset for an overloaded business owner.

Credit insurance also known as debtor insurance is designed to allow your business to trade in confidence.

It can help your business to

  • Protect cash flow & profits from bad-debt losses
  • Sell safely to new and existing customers
  • Secure Financing Terms
  • Enter domestic / international markets with confidence
  • Increase working capital availability
  • Reduce bad-debt reserves

In collaboration with our trusted partner, who are the leaders in what they do,  The Aftersales Network can help customers mitigate the risks incurred in their commercial activity. Euler Hermes offer protection, information and collection. Protecting companies, so ultimately if there is a catastrophic event they will be there to give our clients peace of mind, protect their balance sheets and protect their cash flow.

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