Led by the Treasury / The British Business Bank, the referral scheme is designed to channel businesses that fail to secure bank finance onto other providers of finance.

British Business Bank


Once the scheme comes into effect, nine leading banks will be legally obliged to refer applicants on to a list of approved lenders.


The move comes in the wake of the CMA’s report into the retail banking market that found a lack of transparency and effort on the part of banks to help businesses source alternative forms of finance.


Figures vary on the number of unsuccessful applications for finance.Bank - Business Referral Program

Banking groups admit about 150,000 small and medium businesses are rejected for bank funding every year, while some business groups put the figure nearer 250,000

Essentially, what this new referral scheme will mean for small business owners in need of business critical funds, is that should one door close – another one could open very quickly.


After being refused once, it’s often challenging to start the daunting process all over again – especially if these businesses are unsure which lender to approach.


This is where The Aftersales Network can help…..


The Aftersales Network

When a small business needs financial assistance, it’s usually quite urgent.

A bank loan application can take months to process and should it be refused, a fast referral to an alternative lender could make a vital difference to the future of that company.

Banks are still the first port of call for many businesses in need of a loan and companies can only benefit from having a Plan A – Plan B – Plan C…


The Aftersales Network is proud to support and embrace this initiative / referral scheme.

We are committed to helping businesses get the financial assistance they need from over 150 lenders which include all the high street banks and alternative lenders.


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