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For most business owners, a personal guarantee (PG) will be the biggest liability they have when it comes to their company.

As a director giving a personal guarantee (PG), you are personally creating a relationship between yourself and the business lender.

You are giving an assurance that you will personally repay a source of business credit in the event of the business failing to do so.

This means that if your business fails and is placed into liquidation, you remain liable for the guaranteed debt.

However. a personal guarantee (PG) is required to support most Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) borrowing applications and this could be on top of any asset-based security such as a debenture or indeed property.

Finding a lender who is willing to lend to an incorporated company without the need for a PG is rare and can restrict your business borrowing options..

Personal Guarantee Insurance (PGI)

If your business finance application is subject to you giving a personal guarantee (PG) and you’re willing to do so, but want to protect yourself and your family,

Personal Guarantee Insurance (PGI) is an options to mitigate the risks.

This means that in the event that the personal guarantee (PG) is called upon by the lender, the insurance policy will pay out a large proportion of the liability to ensure that you and your family do not fully suffer financially.

Personal Guarantee Insurance (PGI) is available to directors of limited companies or partners of an LLP

Personal Guarantee Insurance (PGI) is available against a number of types of business borrowings including:

  • Unsecured borrowings
  • Factoring & Invoice finance
  • Asset based lending
  • Commercial finance
  • Peer-to-peer loans
  • Other secured borrowings

The level of cover is based on a fixed percentage of the Personal Guarantee you wish to insure and this increases for each year the policy is in place:

Year one: 60%

Year two: 70%

Year three and thereafter: 80%

The Aftersales Network has teamed up with Purbeck Insurance to provide you with an option to insure against your guarantee liabilities 

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Legal Notice:

Purbeck Insurance, a strategic partner within our network, are a dedicated insurance underwriter and Managing General Agent.
Purbeck Insurance Services, a trading name of Purbeck UK Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) and is a Managing General Agent (“MGA”) of Markel International Insurance Company Limited (“MICCL”), an A-Rated Fortune 500 insurance company.

The annual premium is calculated based on the applicant circumstances and the individual requirements of the applicant.

Successful applicants will have a choice to pay the premium upfront in full or via a monthly direct debit installment facility.

Please note, The Aftersales Network Limited does not offer advice or services in this area of insurance.