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If you are in business, you understand the importance of accepting debit & credit card payments. If you don’t accept debit or credit cards there is no question that you are losing revenue and sales.

Many businesses will turn to their own bank to arrange a card processing facility without realising there is a choice and often at a much lower pricing than what they have been offered. Our aim is to ensure that all businesses have the opportunity to accept card payments at a fair cost and for those already accepting card payments to reduce what is often a significant overhead.

Acceptcards can help any business no matter what the requirements, saving you time in searching for the right card payment solution and ensuring you are not tied into a combined long term deal for your merchant account and card machine.

Uniquely, Acceptcards are not tied to one single provider, and so are able to find you the best deal for your business via partnerships with the UK’s providers of Merchant Accounts, suppliers of Chip and Pin Machines, Mobile Payments, Virtual Terminals and On-Line Payment Gateways.

Catering for every possible way a business will need for accepting card payments:

  • Retail Chip & PIN with the latest Countertop and Portable Bluetooth credit card machines (through land line or IP/broadband connection)
  • Mail Order and Telephone Order (MOTO) with card machines or Virtual Terminal (multiple use via any PC)
  • Mobile GSM/GPRS terminals for secure Chip & PIN payments on the move or at the point of delivery
  • On-line payments via your website from a choice of secure Payment Gateway providers

Truly Independent advice and support

Acceptcards professional and highly experienced team will guide you through the options and explain everything in plain English. From your first point of contact they will assist you every step of the way, from completing paperwork and managing your application with the provider, through to delivery of your new card machine or installation of Virtual Terminal/Payment Gateway.

Additional options you may require or benefit from with your facility

  • On-line reporting tools for managing your card transactions.
  • Cash Back.
  • Mobile phone top ups.
  • Gratuity.
  • Handling foreign currency.
  • Extra security for card not present transactions.
  • Loyalty cards.
  • American Express or Diners Club card acceptance

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