Single Invoice Finance – Powered by MarketInvoice – Releasing cash locked in your invoices

 MarketInvoice – The online marketplace for access to short-term capital.

Outstanding invoices can cause cash flow headaches for your business and limit your ambitions.

A new source of working capital finance could help by providing short-term capital.

Your business can access an online auction marketplace which brings together companies that sell to large organisations with global institutional investors.

This service suits growing businesses that supply large public organisations and corporates.

The types of companies using this service are:

  • Service-based businesses – with human capital but light on assets
  • Those with a fluctuating cash flow position throughout the year, for example seasonal or project-led businesses
  • Export or import-focused businesses
  • Young businesses who are delivering their first orders with established blue chip clients

Graphic showing how Marketinvoice works

The main advantages of using Single Invoice Finance – Powered by MarketInvoice, can be summarised as follows:

  • Immediate funding (can be transferred same day)
  • Complete confidentiality (non-disclosure to end customers, you preserve your valuable client relationships)
  • Complete flexibility (companies only raise finance against invoices they choose to sell, no requirement to assign whole debtor book)
  • No monthly minimum service fees, use the platform when you want, all fees are transactional
  • Price transparency
  • Extended scope (our buyer community is open to buy invoices not typically accepted by many factors and discounters)
  • Personal guarantees are not required, all asset debentures are not required
  • For young companies, no need to give up valuable equity to fund working capital

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