Currency UK

Currency UK has partnered with The Aftersales Network to offer a secure and easy solution for your foreign exchange and international money transfer needs.

Currency UK business foreign exchange solutions offer the best Exchange rates with a fast, flexible service.

Currency UK will give your business better FX rates than your bank, saving your business money on currency conversions and international payments.

Founded in 2000, Currency UK has helped thousands of people move millions of pounds in foreign currency around the globe and established itself as a major participant in the foreign exchange market, serving both private individuals and businesses trading internationally.

Without the large overheads of major banks, Currency UK is able to pass these savings on to customers by providing better value for money on foreign exchange services.

Customers speak directly with the dealers who carry out their transactions, working together to secure the best rates possible within the customers time frame.

The payments team will work to ensure all foreign transfers are made as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our multilingual staff are on hand to liaise with the recipient of the funds (if necessary) to ensure the whole process is completed smoothly.

Currency UK is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) as a Payment Institute under firm reference number 504592 and is registered as a Money Service Business with
HM Customs & Revenue (HMRC) – MLR Number 12120036.
As additional security all Client Monies are held in segregated accounts.

Benefits of using Currency UK for your international payments and receipts

  • Better exchange rates than offered by the banks
  • Hedge your currency exposure
  • Trustworthy and secure service, FSA regulated
  • Same day international payments
  • Send and receive payments in any currency
  • Multi-lingual staff at your service
  • Long established, over 10 years in the foreign exchange industry

With industry leading exchange rates and bespoke services to fit your needs, we are ready to help.

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